InventHelp Inventor Develops TV Decoration (LAX-496)

PITTSBURGH, PA (PRWEB) December 05, 2014

“Now that it is common to mount televisions on household walls, I thought that it was time to start making these TVs a real part of the ambience and atmosphere,” said an inventor from Los Angeles, Calif. “This inspired me to come up with a way to decorate a wall-mounted TV.”

He developed THE FIRST DIMENSION to enliven the appearance of a wall-mounted flat-screen TV. The piece makes the TV look stylish and serves as a conversation piece. The accessory enhances home decor. It is adaptable for use with virtually any wall-mounted TV. Furthermore, the invention features a distinctive, fashionable design.

The original design was submitted to the Los Angeles office of InventHelp. It is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers. For more information, write Dept. 13-LAX-496, InventHelp, 217 Ninth Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, or call (412) 288-1300 ext. 1368. Learn more about InventHelp’s Invention Submission Services at –

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Giga Entertainment Media Launches SIMUL SEZ Super App for Apple iPad

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 20, 2014

Giga Entertainment Media (GEM), today introduced to the world its breakthrough and dynamic multimedia technology platform for consumers, SIMUL SEZ ?the ultimate, most personalized, ?simultasking? social media app ever ? for the Apple iPad

The Arizona Law Offices of Lerner and Rowe Launch Video Parody Contest with $1,000 Prize

Phoenix, AZ. (PRWEB) December 05, 2014

The Arizona law offices of Lerner and Rowe have launched a video parody contest to run through midnight PST on Thursday, January 15, 2015. Contestants are invited to come up with their own version of a tastefully creative and original Lerner and Rowe TV commercial. One lucky winner will receive a $ 1,000 check, bragging rights, and the chance to have their commercial shown on local TV in 2015.

?Our attorneys and legal support team take the practice of law and providing exceptional client services very seriously. This dedication is reflected in the fact that combined, our six Arizona law offices have assisted over 5,500 clients and settled more than $ 40 million in claims this past year alone,? said Lerner and Rowe Managing Partner Kevin Rowe. ?That being said, we can also appreciate a little light-hearted, tongue-in-check, humor when it comes to advertising our legal services. The Lerner and Rowe Video Parody Contest has been a thought we?ve bounced around for a few years and finally decided to launch. We want contestants to have fun with it, in a clean ?G? rated sort-of-way, and look forward to viewing their versions of a Lerner and Rowe TV ad.?

Contestants are encouraged to be creative with their video production, but are also asked to keep their final video entries clean, legal, and non-threatening. Official rules and regulations for the Lerner and Rowe Video Parody Contest may be viewed online at and by clicking on the ?commercial contest? link provided in the main menu at the top of each web site.

More about Lerner and Rowe, P.C.

Lerner and Rowe diversified the legal services their law offices provide in the spring of 2012 by opening Lerner and Rowe Law Group. The new addition makes it possible for the firm to now represent clients with personal injury, medical malpractice, criminal defense, bankruptcy, and real estate cases in the great metropolitan Phoenix area and throughout Arizona, including those in Mesa, Glendale, Bullhead City, and Tucson with offices opening soon in Chandler and Peoria. For additional information about Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys, visit or call (602) 977-1900. To learn more about the Lerner and Rowe Law Group, visit or call (602) 667-7777.

To connect with the law firm socially, follow Lerner and Rowe on Twitter, or become a fan of their Facebook page. You may also visit to learn more about the community services that the lawyers and legal support team of Lerner and Rowe actively support.


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LoungeBuddy Unveils Industry’s First Mobile-Based Instant Airport Lounge Bookings

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 20, 2014

LoungeBuddy, the only single resource for travelers to discover, book and access airport lounges around the world, today announced the release of LoungeBuddy Version 2.0, the first product in history to allow instant airport lounge bookings directly within the LoungeBuddy App. LoungeBuddy, originally launched in September 2013, has quickly grown into one of the top communities for global travelers who have contributed to LoungeBuddy?s 25,000+ ratings, reviews and photos of airport lounges.

?When we first launched LoungeBuddy, it was our goal to help travelers to discover their airport oasis,? says LoungeBuddy founder and CEO, Tyler Dikman. ?With the launch of LoungeBuddy 2.0, all travelers can now instantly book and access these secluded spaces in the airport in less than 60 seconds. In such a tense environment, airport lounges provide an escape, functioning as the last bastion of comfort and tranquility for travelers.?

LoungeBuddy 2.0

LoungeBuddy 2.0 represents more than just a significant upgrade to the User Interface, it opens up airport lounges to a wider audience. As a globally-focused product, LoungeBuddy?s 2.0 includes hundreds of new frequent flyer elite statuses, lounge memberships, and credit cards issued to travelers around the world. The completely redesigned User Interface for trip creation comes with a number of useful new features including the ability to save trips and to input multi-leg itineraries with multiple carriers. ?Our intelligent Lounge Access Wizard working behind the scenes makes it possible for even the most complex itineraries to be saved in LoungeBuddy, helping travelers to find that perfect airport oasis,? says Tyler Dikman, CEO of LoungeBuddy.

In-App Lounge Booking

For the first time ever, travelers will be able to use LoungeBuddy to purchase instant airport lounge access from their iPhone and walk into a lounge in less than 60 seconds. No memberships, elite statuses or premium seat purchases are required. Starting today, instant lounge access is available in 13 of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom (including all major London airports). Coming soon, this functionality will be rolled out gradually to other parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, Asia, and Australia.

To make instant lounge bookings a reality, LoungeBuddy has partnered with the world?s premier independent lounge operators, Swissport International Lounges and Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited.

Shaun Weston, Travel Services Director for Swissport, commented ?We are delighted to partner with LoungeBuddy and look forward to welcoming LoungeBuddy customers to our lounges. The intuitive app developed by LoungeBuddy now means more travellers can access our lounges where they can expect contemporary surroundings, fantastic facilities and superb customer service.?

?As a pioneer and industry leader in providing Premium Airport Services, Plaza Premium Lounge always aims to provide comfort and convenience in our services. We are the first company in the industry to introduce this new mobile booking system to provide travellers a seamless booking experience.? said Mr Patrick Kwok, Chief Commercial Officer of Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited.

About LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddy? is the only single resource for travelers to be able to discover, book and access airport lounges around the world. Hundreds of thousands of members use LoungeBuddy to discover their perfect airport oasis and improve their travel experience. LoungeBuddy covers nearly 2,000 airport lounges in almost 600 global airports. The free LoungeBuddy App is available on iOS and Android. To learn more about LoungeBuddy, visit

According to Henry Harteveldt, founder of Atmosphere Research Group, “LoungeBuddy suits travelers? desire for the emerging trend Atmosphere Research calls ?intelligent indulgence.? Our research shows that nearly two-thirds of US leisure airline passengers and more than 72% of US business passengers view travel as an opportunity to treat themselves to nicer experiences than what they would normally enjoy when at home. Lounges? elevated levels of customer service and ability to reduce air travel?s perceived hassle is also of great appeal. There is a sizable potential market for LoungeBuddy?s app – a market that can help airport lounge operators increase their revenues while helping many travelers have a much more pleasant journey.?

About Swissport International Ltd.

Swissport International Ltd. is the world

Early Holiday Sales Adding up for Video Commerce Leader Cinsay and Its Online Merchants

Austin, TX (PRWEB) December 04, 2014

Cinsay, the leader in video commerce, reports an early seasonal increase for views of its multipatented Video Smart Store? technology. Along with more traffic to the site?s various merchant stores, an increase for viewer interaction within the video player is also being tracked. Some stores are reporting conversions as high as 6.7% for ?take actions? inside the video along with significant access from international audiences outside the U.S. and Canada.

This year?s Black Friday, (the Friday following Thanksgiving), had analysts describing overall sales as lower than the previous year. Cyber Monday (the following Monday) however, told a different story as purchases increased by 17% for online sales totaling over $ 2 billion for the day. In fact, the weekend leading into Cyber Monday saw sales up 26% over 2013.

?Cinsay merchants are benefiting this year from both an increase in global online sales as well as the conversion increase which video inherently delivers as compared to traditional ecommerce. Cinsay also offers merchants something no other solution provider can: a completely portable, interactive and shareable video store that is almost as robust and immersive as walking into the actual store at the mall,? said Christian Briggs, Founder and CEO of Cinsay. ?Our video commerce technology has proven to be a complete and effective way for anyone selling online by reaching a bigger audience, reducing the friction of ?clicks? to the purchase and simply by making sales easier to achieve,? Briggs added.

Several businesses like Strokers Dallas, are experiencing continued audience growth globally as more videos are shared by the Dallas-based Victory motorbike dealership and entertainment destination. The company sees most activity from the store?s Facebook and shopping site with video views and shares.

Other merchants like Kaprise Sportswear are well situated for the holiday buying season featuring professionally produced video, well-priced items and unique apparel styles. Bigger brands marketing and selling online include Canon, Target, iRobot?s vacuum and OtterBox?s iPhone cases. Other sites powered by Cinsay which are actively selling this Christmas season include:,, and

These merchants can quickly view their store?s performance data interpreted through bar and pie charts and view details about when, where, and how their store was viewed. The daily updated and in-depth analytics enable merchants to make any needed changes to products, pricing, descriptions and keywords on the fly as the hottest season for online selling unfolds.

Growing demand for video content on mobile:

Each year, more and more video content is being published and viewed. The increase in video consumption for mobile is huge. Much of Cinsay?s merchants? video content is now seen via mobile with views averaging over 50% for smartphones and tablets. As smartphones become larger and have higher quality screens, mobile video views should continue to climb. This presents a great opportunity for merchants seeking an economical way to leverage multimedia that can effectively market and sell more goods and services.

?We?re just at the beginning of a commerce revolution for both retailers and buyers, now is the time to make changes to how you acquire new leads, market your business and sell products. From our recent launch with the growing direct marketing company, Jeunesse Global to single mom and pop stores, this should continue to be a great fourth quarter for retail and we?re even more excited about 2015 as more people adopt video commerce and Cinsay rolls out even better technical enhancements for the Video Smart Store,? Briggs stated.

Find out now how Cinsay is helping retailers of all sizes, increase their online sales. Call Director of Sales at, at 1-855-725-2462.

About Cinsay

Austin-based Cinsay has created a next-generation ecommerce, viewer interactive, video-based platform for any size business. Cinsay?s syndicatable technology enables anyone to sell products, display printable coupons, capture donations, and generate leads all inside its multi-patented Video Smart Store? (VSS) technology. Along with being the premiere video commerce provider for small and medium businesses, Cinsay is adding new exclusive content channels for sports, music and movies aligned with partners including Andretti Autosport via and Suretone Entertainment via their site and has been selected as a software provider to SMBs via Yahoo?s Commerce Central.

Forbes named Cinsay one of ?America?s Most Promising Companies? while eTail Conferences named Cinsay a ?Rising Star in innovation? for 2012. Red Herring also selected Cinsay for the ?Top 100 Companies in North America? for 2014. Cinsay?s eCommerce video-based platform can be used for any individual or business. For more information, please visit or call 855-725-2462.

One or more of the following nine patents may protect Cinsay?s software, systems, and/or services. U.S. Patent Nos. 7,840,415; 7,987,098; 8,769,053; 8,782,690; 8,813,132; 8,312,486; 8,533,753; 8,893,173 and 8,549,555. Visit for more information.

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Pearson Announces Upgrades to Evidence-Based Working Memory Training Program to Enhance Flexibility and Usability

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 17, 2014

As students across the nation settle into another school year, many face learning challenges or struggle to retain everything they are taught, making it difficult to succeed in the classroom. These difficulties may be the result of poor working memory, the ability to hold and manipulate information for a brief period of time.

Often referred to as the ?engine of learning,? working memory underlies a student?s ability to focus and his or her capacity for learning. It is commonly impaired in people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disabilities, as well as in about 15 percent of all learners.

To help learners struggling with this challenge, Pearson today announced an update to its proven working memory training solution, Cogmed Working Memory Training, that makes it more user-friendly, flexible and comprehensive to better support the needs of educators and clinicians.

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based, computerized training program designed by leading neuroscientists that strengthens students? working memory. Delivered to students via computer or tablet at school or at home with the assistance of a trained coach, Cogmed improves attention, behavior and capacity to learn in the vast majority of students who use the program. In fact, 80 percent of people who complete the Cogmed training program improve their working memory by an average of 30 percent.

Anita Grille, M.S., CCC-SLP/TSHH, speech pathologist at the Sag Harbor School District in New York, has been using Cogmed since 2010, primarily with elementary students with language impairments. Along with a colleague at the school, she has conducted 60 student trainings on Cogmed, seeing dramatic academic improvements in those who completed the program.

?Cogmed has been a critical intervention tool for our students who were found to have deficits in working memory, which is common among children with language impairments,? said Grille. ?We have seen considerable progress in the areas of language, academics and attention in students who have used the program. And, in most cases, these gains were maintained over months and years. The new features will make the program even more flexible and robust, which will help contribute to more successful outcomes as a result of the Cogmed program.?

The Cogmed coaching center can now be delivered on iPad and Android devices, and in generally available variable training session protocols, including 50, 35 and 25 minutes, making it more flexible and user-friendly for certified coaches and their clients. New reporting capabilities at the district, school, classroom and student level will further improve implementation compliance and fidelity, and, as a result, enhance program efficacy.

Arthur Lavin, M.D. is a nationally-renowned pediatrician who has been in practice for over 20 years in Cleveland, Ohio. He has been implementing Cogmed in his practice with children and adolescents for more than eight years. During that time, he has seen significant benefits to patients who complete Cogmed.

?There are numerous interventions in the market that claim to help children and adults with working memory, retention and focus issues, but few of them have the research and proven success of Cogmed,? said Lavin. ?With Cogmed, we can tell people that there is an 80 percent chance that their life will improve as a result of the training. I?ve seen children improve academically, socially and behaviorally as a direct result of the Cogmed program.?

For nearly a decade, rigorous scientific research has been conducted and published in leading, peer-reviewed scientific journals, such as Science, Nature Neuroscience and the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, demonstrating that Cogmed training is effective. No other brain-training product or attention-training method has Cogmed?s extensive foundation of research validation. It has been used successfully by thousands of educators and mental health professionals worldwide.

?Cogmed is differentiated from other cognitive training solutions that claim to help improve memory, because of its unmatched level of research supporting its efficacy and its network of education and healthcare professionals who are trained to deliver the program with fidelity,” said Mark Yaphe, general manager, customer lifecycle, Pearson?s new business and innovation group. ?Through Cogmed, children and adults are realizing significant, lasting gains in their ability to concentrate and stay on task, both in school and during other activities. It?s improved the lives of thousands of users.?

For more information on Cogmed, please visit

About Pearson

Pearson is the world?s leading learning company, with 40,000 employees in more than 80 countries working to help people of all ages to make measurable progress in their lives through learning. Pearson?s clinical assessment group provides sensory, motor, and development instruments for occupational and physical therapists and related clinicians to help develop insights that support evaluations and shape treatment plans. For more information about Pearson?s clinical assessments, visit


Brandon Pinette,, or (800) 745-8489

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Power-Pole Partners With FLW For 2015

Minneapolis, Minn. (PRWEB) December 03, 2014

FLW, the world?s largest tournament-fishing organization, announced today a continued partnership with JL Marine Systems, manufacturer of Power-Pole shallow-water anchor systems. 2015 will mark the fifth consecutive season that the two organizations have partnered. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

?We?re excited to continue our partnership with Power-Pole,? said Trish Blake, FLW president of marketing. ?Their shallow-water anchor system will continue to be featured on all of our final-day tournament boats, showcasing the brand to millions of engaged fans and consumers.?

The Power-Pole brand will receive exposure across all of FLW?s platforms, including multiple websites, FLW Bass Fishing magazine, engagement through FLW?s social media communities and the Emmy-nominated ?FLW? television show on NBC Sports Network, which broadcasts in high-definition (HD) to more than 564 million households worldwide, making it the most widely distributed weekly outdoors-sports television show in the world. In addition to traditional and social media, the Power-Pole products will be visible at FLW?s numerous world-class tournaments and Expos.

As part of the agreement, Power-Pole will continue to offer FLW tournament anglers the opportunity to join the Captain?s Cash rewards club. Members of the club who use a Power-Pole shallow-water anchor and win a Walmart Bass Fishing League (BFL), Rayovac FLW Series or Walmart FLW Tour tournament are entitled to a cash prize. To learn more, anglers are encouraged to visit

?We are extremely happy to continue working with the FLW,? said Robert Shamblin, vice president of JL Marine Systems. ?We value our relationship and all of the positive exposure that it brings to our brand. We are looking forward to another fantastic year.?

Since 2006, Power-Pole shallow-water anchoring systems have proven to be a valuable asset for winning tournament anglers. With their ability to hold their boats in position amidst strong currents or heavy wind the Power-Pole system has revolutionized the sport and become a ?must-have? for serious competitors.

About FLW

FLW is the industry?s premier tournament-fishing organization, providing anglers of all skill levels the opportunity to compete for millions in prize money nationwide in 2015 over the course of 229 tournaments across five tournament circuits, four of which provide an avenue to the sport?s richest payday and most coveted championship trophy ? the Forrest Wood Cup. FLW tournament fishing can be seen on the Emmy-nominated ?FLW” television show and is broadcast to more than 564 million households worldwide, making it the most widely distributed weekly outdoors-sports television show in the world. For more information about FLW visit and look for FLW on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

About JL Marine Systems Inc.

JL Marine Systems Inc. is the Tampa, Florida-based manufacturer of the Power-Pole, a shallow water anchor system for all small skiffs, bass boats, flats boats, bay boats and more. Power-Pole is distributed via more than 1500 dealerships throughout the US. Visit to find a local dealer.

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Pixel Cake Games puts a New Twist on the Forced Runner with their New iOS Game ?Limbo Jack?

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) November 18, 2014

?This is the first time we?ve seen this type of beta release in the market? says co-founder Jorge Sauer of Pixel Cake Games. ?We wanted to get as many potential customers and publishers access to our game so we decided to make it easily accessible before the official app store release. We?re hoping for honest feedback from the public and to possibly find a strong publisher to partner with to make this game a smashing success.?

Limbo Jack is a retro style forced runner with a story driven adventure. It is inspired by classic games like the Super Mario series and evokes aspects of Zelda with it?s use of hearts and inventory items.

Join the gentle hero Limbo Jack as he goes on a quest to save his sweetheart Princess Maple Cakes from the dark forces taking over the Floating Forest Kingdom. Limbo under and leap over obstacles and enemies. Collect hearts and coins, unlock power-ups and secrets, and battle powerful level bosses.

The beta is a condensed version of the full game. It includes 7 challenging levels and a final showdown with a mini boss and a chance at saving Princess Maple Cakes.

Pixel Cake Games founders Jorge Sauer and Donald Hamilton have teamed up to bring their combined experience in creative game design and business development to produce a line of unique and challenging iOS games.

This innovative approach to beta distribution makes it easy for anyone to download and play the game without having to even go to the app store. Anyone with an iphone can go to the beta url and check the game out for themselves:


Jorge Sauer


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Norfolk, Va. (PRWEB) December 02, 2014

Maktar, Inc. Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund Piconizer, the First iOS Gadget that Frees Space & Organizes Photos

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (PRWEB) November 17, 2014

Maktar, Inc., a leading developer of software and hardware products, announces today its Kickstarter campaign to raise funds that will be used to launch Piconzier, a pocket-sized storage device for organizing photos and videos on iOS devices. The crowdfunding campaign will be live from November 17 to December 17, 2014, at which point Maktar is hoping to have reached its $ 50,000 goal.

Piconizer is the first ever application with a corresponding iOS device that allows users to easily shift photos and videos from the camera roll onto a small device that plugs directly into your lightning connector. Without the need for an Internet connection or a computer, this storage device can save valuable space on the iPhone or iPad while on the go, without needing to delete any current photos or videos.

Within the Piconizer app, users can easily organize and search through their images. Unlike in the existing camera roll on iOS gadgets, each photo in Piconizer is automatically tagged by date and location making finding photos much more efficient. In addition to a seamless user experience, Piconizer has additional privacy features making it more secure. Within the app, users can lock images with a password, and the risk of hackers accessing photos is minimized because there is no need to directly connect to the Internet.

?We?re excited to announce our Kickstarter campaign to fund Piconizer,? said Milton Tsai, co-founder of Maktar, Inc. ?The iPhone is one of the most popular and most used cameras. We carry it with us 24/7 and use it to capture special moments. With Piconizer, no one will have to miss out on a photo opportunity because they don?t have space on their phone. They?re free to enjoy and capture all of life?s experiences.?

The small, sleek device will be available in 32GB ($ 100), 64GB ($ 140) and 128GB ($ 279) models. It simply plugs into the lightning connector on iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6 or 6 Plus and on iPad mini, mini 2, Air, Air 2 or mini 3, at which point the Piconizer App will launch automatically.

Maktar is planning to use the funds raised through the Kickstarter campaign to finalize production and begin shipping products at the end of March 2015. Based on the amount contributed, funders will receive the first Piconizers to hit the market. To learn more about Piconizer and to contribute, visit the Kickstarter page here:

About Maktar, Inc.

Maktar, Inc. has been working and specializing in software and hardware integrations for more than a decade. The company provides smart and supportive software development for those with great ideas. The development process with Maktar includes an iOS framework, technical information and support, design and firmware optimization. To learn more about Maktar?s products and services, visit

Media Contacts:

Liz Grimes

Overit for Maktar, Inc.

Office: 518-465-8829 ex. 213