The global crystal oscillator market is expected to reach $2,730.6 million by 2018 – New Report by MicroMarket Monitor

(PRWEB) October 10, 2014

The global crystal oscillator market report defines and segments the market with analysis and forecast of revenue. This market was valued $ 2,043.9 million in 2013, and is expected to reach $ 2,730.6 million by 2018, at a CAGR of 6% from 2013 to 2018.

Browse through the TOC of the global crystal oscillator market report, to get an idea of the in-depth analysis provided. This also provides a glimpse of the segmentation of the market, and is supported by various tables and figures.

Crystal oscillators are one of the core components of any electronic device. Using the property of piezoelectricity, which is exhibited by certain crystals like quartz, they create waveform with very accurate frequency, based on the mechanical vibration of the precision machined crystal. The crystal oscillator market is a mature market, as these oscillators are found in numerous applications, such as the telecom & networking, consumer electronics, military and aerospace, research and measurement, industrial, automotive, and medical equipment sectors.

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Consumer electronics is one of the biggest applications of crystal oscillators, as it is used in a variety of consumer electronic devices such as televisions, computers, cellular & cordless phones, tablets, and e-book readers. The number of crystal devices used in mobile phones varies from 3 to 5 and goes up to 8 in case of smartphones; whereas in tablet PCs the number ranges between 3 and 4.

Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXOs) are the most widely used crystal oscillators in this segment. Therefore, the growth of the smartphone and tablet market will drive the market for crystal oscillators in the coming years. Although there are substitutes for crystal oscillators, such as silicon timing devices, dielectric resonance oscillators and Micro-Electro-Mechanical systems (MEMS) technology, none of them are close to giving fierce competition to crystal oscillators.

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This market is segmented and forecast based on type, end user, process, and technology. The market in terms of types comprises Simple Packaged Crystal Oscillator (SPXO), Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO), Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO), Frequency-Controlled Crystal Oscillator (FCXO), and Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO). On the basis of end users, the market is segmented into Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Manufacturing, and Telecommunication systems. On the basis of processes, the market is segmented into surface mount and thru-hole. The market is further segmented and forecast based on technologies such as SC cut, AT cut, and BT cut.

This report includes market share and value chain analysis, along with market metrics, such as drivers and restraints. In addition, it presents a competitive landscape and company profiles of the key players in this market.

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North America Crystal Oscillator Market

Crystal oscillator-North America and Other Types, SPXO, TCXO, VCXO, FCXO, OCXO and Crystal oscillator – Other Types adds up to total Crystal oscillator market.

Crystal oscillator-North America can be segmented by Processes, Endusers, Companies, MacroIndicators, Types and Technologies. Processes of this market are Surface Mount and Thru Hole. Endusers of this market are Telecommunication systems, Consumer Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Manufacturing, Automotive and Other Endusers. Companies of this market are EPSON, TXC corporation, NDK, KDS, Vectron and Kyocera Kinseki. MacroIndicators of this market are R&D Expenditure. Types of this market are Other Types. Technologies of this market are Other Technologies.

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Jason Hope Points to Apple Watch as Tip of the Internet of Things Ice Berg Today in a Phone Call Interview With Media News Online

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) September 25, 2014

Earlier this month, Apple unleashed its latest innovation, the Apple Watch. The launch created significant Internet buzz, as the watch is a change from the tablets and phones that have been the focus of Apple’s tech innovations in the past few years. In a recent phone interview between Media News Online and Jason Hope, entrepreneur and futurist, pointed to the launch as just one in a long list of new connected devices that are making the Internet of Things a reality.

“Apple’s watch will send you your Facebook updates, give you access to Siri and even put health tracking and GPS right on your wrist. It’s a virtual iPhone with a wristband. Of course, the watch also shows the time and date since it is a watch,” explains Mr. Hope.

“The Apple Watch is just one in a long list of connected devices hitting the market this year or in the coming year,” states Hope. “As each of these devices hits the general market, the Internet of Things is coming closer to part of our everyday life.”

Trackdot is another of these innovations. This simple tracking device will show travelers where their baggage is. They can simply stash the Trackdot into the luggage, then the device will send updates about the suitcase’s whereabouts, so travelers can use their time more efficiently instead of waiting on the carousel for lost luggage.

SkyBell is yet another innovation. This futuristic doorbell will beam pictures of the person at the door to the computer or mobile device. If the visitor is welcome, the SkyBell offers remote access to open the door.

“With devices like this on the market or on the way, including the Apple Watch, it’s easy to feel like we are living in an episode of a science fiction television show,” states Hope. “These devices will change the way we use our phones, drive our cars and protect our homes, and make life much more convenient.”

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale native and futurist who believes in the power of technology to improve health and day-to-day living. His entrepreneurial efforts have helped develop important innovations in the worlds of health and technology. He also works with numerous charitable organizations, both in Arizona and throughout the country. Most recently he has been working with the SENS Research Foundation to find a cure for aging. Learn more about Jason Hope at

The 2014 Music Has Power Awards

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 09, 2014

Legendary musical entertainer Glen Campbell, Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist Dr. Paul Greengard, and his wife, renowned sculptor Ursula von Rydingsvard, will be honored at the 14th Annual Music Has Power

OTRS Group Announces January 2015 Availability of OTRS Business Solution Software for Customer Request Management and Business Communication

Cupertino, California, United States (PRWEB UK) 24 September 2014

OTRS Group, the world?s leading provider of open source and cloud based service management software solutions, today announces the planned release of OTRS Business Solution, its new offering for customer request management and business communication on January 19, 2015.

OTRS Business Solution features a brand new customer chat feature for closer and more direct customer relations and a Facebook-inspired Ticket Timeline View for a better overview of longer written conversations. The new solution is designed for businesses that want to lift their customer service to a new level and structure their communication more transparently with the help of the vendor?s expertise. Included services consist of an initial implementation assessment, regular software updates and reliable SLAs.

The new product offering represents the OTRS vision to expand their product line beyond IT management, and to offer open source software solutions that can be used across a wide range of industries and for many different applications.

Christopher Kuhn, COO of OTRS Group, on the idea to expand OTRS offerings beyond IT Service Request software: “OTRS is still seen as software that is mainly used in IT and open source requires a Do-It-Yourself mentality ? that is often not accepted in a professional business environment. The OTRS Business Solution shows that with the right features and services OTRS can be transformed into a communication solution that can be used in every department and in every industry sector ? without any technological know-how.” Many of OTRS? over 130,000 worldwide customers use it in human resources, in sales and facility management, quality management and customer request management.

OTRS Group will exhibit parts of the OTRS Business Solution at the 2014 IT & Business trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany from October 8-10, 2014. Interested users can register for a free trade fair ticket here:

About OTRS Group

OTRS Group is the vendor and world?s leading provider of the open source OTRS Service Management suite, including the cloudbased Managed OTRS solution as well as the OTRS Help Desk software and the ITIL

Business Leaders Show Their Support For Evidence-Based Drug Prevention at CADCA?S Drug-Free Kids Campaign Awards Dinner

Washington, DC (PRWEB) October 08, 2014

Nearly 400 business leaders from the Washington, D.C. area and across the country will participate in Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA)?s 16th annual Drug-Free Kids Campaign Awards Dinner on Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, D.C. The Drug-Free Kids Campaign recognizes leaders who support CADCA?s effective substance abuse prevention model. Funds raised through the campaign help support CADCA?s efforts to build and strengthen local community coalitions and transform youth into civic leaders to reduce substance abuse around the country.

During the event, CADCA will honor Alex Gorsky, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Johnson & Johnson. Gorsky will receive CADCA?s Humanitarian of the Year award for his personal commitment to help prevent teen drug use and support of CADCA?s mission to build safe, healthy and drug-free communities.

CADCA will also honor Neil Austrian with a Lifetime Distinguished Service Award for his 15 years of service to CADCA?s Board of Directors. Austrian, who is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Office Depot, was instrumental in helping CADCA succeed and has brought several new partners to CADCA?from DirecTV and the NFL to Office Depot.

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA), a major champion for drug prevention, will participate in the event and provide remarks. CNN Washington Correspondent Joe Johns will serve as the evening?s MC.

?For over two decades, CADCA?s evidence-based community problem solving model has trained community coalitions around the country to develop comprehensive solutions to their local substance abuse problems,? said CADCA Chairman and CEO Gen. Arthur T. Dean. ?However, addressing our nation?s substance abuse challenges requires collaboration from all sectors and we couldn?t do this work without the support of national leaders like Alex Gorsky and Neil Austrian. They are true champions for our mission ?protecting kids from drugs and building safe and healthy communities.?

?It?s an honor to be associated with CADCA, an organization that does so much good for so many. The work that CADCA does with young people is not only helping shape their lives but also the future of our country and our world. I am particularly proud of the over-the-counter (OTC) literacy program embraced by CADCA. OTC Literacy is an important educational program that teaches teens and their parents about responsible medicine use and storage,? said Johnson & Johnson Chairman and CEO Alex Gorsky. ?I am truly humbled by this honor and accept it on behalf of my colleagues at Johnson & Johnson.?

A portion of the Drug-Free Kids Campaign benefits CADCA?s National Youth leadership Initiative (NYLI), an evidence-based youth development training that helps young people and their adult advisors strategically address their local alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems. CADCA trains over 1,400 youth and adults each year through the NYLI. Youth trainers from the NYLI program Joseph Yusuf and Melanie Piskai, will also provide remarks at Wednesday?s event about the impact of CADCA on their communities.

Visit for more details about the campaign and the Drug-Free Kids Campaign Awards Dinner.

CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America), is the national member-based organization representing coalitions working to make America?s communities safe, healthy and drug-free. CADCA’s mission is to strengthen the capacity of community coalitions to create and maintain safe, healthy and drug-free communities globally. To learn more about CADCA, visit For more on the campaign, visit

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Carpooling App Carma Now Paying Toll For Bay Bridge Commuters

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 23, 2014

Carma, a smartphone app that connects people traveling the same direction for work, launched a new program this morning that reimburses drivers for bridge tolls as an incentive for Bay Area commuters to carpool. Drivers will receive rebates on toll fees through the Carma app when they carpool with at least two passengers using the app across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

?Mobility is a key factor in our region?s economic vitality, and we?re excited to see how innovative technology, like Carma, is incentivizing people to change their behavior and consider new ways of commuting to work or school. Our mission is to keep Contra Costa moving and programs like this help commuters, the economy and the environment all at the same time,? states Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director for the Contra Costa Transportation Authority.

More than 90 million vehicles cross the Bay Bridge each year on weekdays, but only 5 percent pay the carpool rate using FasTrak

Haunted House Competition on A&E Network First of Its Kind Features Field of Screams Maryland

OLNEY, MD (PRWEB) October 08, 2014

After a nationwide search for the best haunts and haunt designers in the country, the Field of Screams Maryland was selected to compete on cable TV?s A&E Network to see which of the best haunt designers and builders could transform beautiful homes into tiny haunted houses. In a ?rst-ever reality competition of haunted house designers and builders, which will air on October 15, 2014 at 9pm EST, the A&E Network?s new FYI, Tiny House Nation Halloween Special Edition is breaking new ground in more ways than one.

Tiny House Nation (THN), launched in early July, now boasts over one million weekly viewers and was one of cable?s fastest growing shows in 2014. THN is leading the largest trend in residential real estate following renovation experts and hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Gif?n, as they travel across America to show off ingenious small spaces and the inventive people who live in them.

Tiny homes, apartments and condo designs are the biggest trends in real estate development with numerous homes and apartment buildings being built in cities and suburbs across the country. THN is groundbreaking in reality TV and more tiny house-themed shows are in production as strong ratings are drawing more networks. As part of their halloween special, THN conducted a national search to ?nd haunt teams that could take their own halloween design expertise and apply them to tiny spaces transforming them into ?tiny? haunted houses.

Field of Screams Maryland, celebrating its 14th year of creating legendary scares, is the largest and most popular multi-haunt in Maryland, DC, Virginia and Delaware, and hosts a horrifying haunted trail, haunted house, haunted hayride and zombie paintball ride that helps bene?t the youth sports leagues of the Olney Boys & Girls Club (OBGC).

The team that designs, produces and manages the Field of Screams Maryland is now considered one of the country?s top design, make-up and acting troupe and the honor of being selected after an independent national search seems to have proven that. The production team, referred to as Steelhead, has elevated the event to national attention over the past four years and the haunt?s genius and attention to every detail is responsible for developing Field of Screams Maryland?s national reputation for excellence.

?We have challenged our team to improve the haunt experience for our guests every year striving to be the best. The honor of being chosen to compete on such a great show against the best in the industry was the culmination of years of planning and very hard work by everyone,? said OBGC Board of Director Chair, Dan Dionisio.

Client Unveils New Site Design, Appears to Have Broken Own Website: Voodoo Alerts Catches Error and Saves Valuable Downtime

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 23, 2014

Website updates and overhauls, while a necessary part of having a profitable online presence, are not only tricky to perform flawlessly, they are also extremely risky. A simple mistake can easily lead to skewed analytics, compatibility problems for visitors, or even complete lack of usability. A recent client of Voodoo Alerts decided to completely revamp their website, including updated support for web browser versions. After this renovation was complete, and service returned to normal, the Voodoo Alerts real user monitoring software quickly noticed an anomaly. What amounts to the worst case scenario, this client was experiencing complete traffic stoppage after the update was pushed. Being a company with a significant online presence, this client?s website receives an average of approximately 202,000 visitors daily, a quick resolution to website errors was imperative to avoid exponential profit losses.

How did Voodoo Alerts catch this error?

In order to diagnose the problem, Voodoo Alerts unleashed the company?s ?bloodhound analytics? described by Voodoo Alerts Founder and CEO, Jon Correll as ?a system designed to be like a bloodhound, searching every nook and cranny of the website to find leaks in the funnel. Finding the quirky crazy things that go ?bump? in the browser is our specialty.? Once the issue was identified, ending up being a simple pixel tracker not installed in the new website which prohibits analytics, Voodoo Alerts went to work monitoring the client?s site around the clock. The ability of Voodoo Analytics to closely monitor traffic across all website sectors contributed to the timely resolution of this client?s problem.

The importance of a quick reaction to website problems is imperative for site administrators. Not all analytics tools offer both website monitoring and performance management. Voodoo Alerts was, in this instance and for all other websites, able to provide the client with instant alerts regarding an anomaly in website traffic, including both SMS alerts for the client via text message, and email alerts sent to the entire web administration team. This timely intervenient action, with detailed reports and information, allowed the client to rapidly and accurately diagnose possible causes.

While this particular error was due to simple programming mistake, Correll reflects on personal experience, detailing firsthand the importance of having accurate website monitoring systems in place. Correll remembers, “Voodoo Alerts isn?t just about catching mistakes you might have made, you could be perfect. But what about third parties? What if PayPal shut down your account at 2:37am? Would you want to wait 8 hours before finding out? That exact scenario has happened to one of our clients. (Before they got Voodoo Alerts). Maybe an important group of visitors use Internet Explorer on Windows XP, but they can?t see your ?buy now? button and can?t make the purchase they want; or, a new iPhone iOS release breaks how the end user sees the site. Voodoo Alerts automatically notifies you if anything on your website malfunctions and gives you every detail from browser, to operating system, device, and much more, so you can fix errors as fast as they happen.? The scope of how badly a website is underperforming can only be evaluated thoroughly with accurate and reliable website monitoring and performance management.

Company Information:

With ease and functionality in mind, Voodoo Alerts uses the latest in website monitoring and performance management to actively observe user activity in real time, for every site visitor, leaving clients with more time to focus on the most important function of their website: conversions.

Voodoo Alerts will continuously monitor any website?s performance, including conversion funnels, browser activity, operating system, and all other variables associated with top tier website monitoring technology. The most important innovation however is Voodoo Alerts? real time alerting system, alerting web teams to poorly performing sectors instantly, saving valuable time and helping teams more easily evaluate problems for faster resolution.


3914 Murphy Canyon Rd, Ste A218

San Diego, CA 92123


Facebook: Voodoo_Alerts

Twitter: VoodooAlerts

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Stonebridge Companies? SpringHill Suites by Marriott Arcadia California Hotel Completes Major Renovation

Arcadia, CA (PRWEB) October 08, 2014

The SpringHill Suites by Marriott Arcadia hotel has announced the completion of a multi-million dollar property renovation to accommodate our guest?s needs and requirements. The new hotel experience is infused with smart, spacious style and inspiring design, and the top-to-bottom renovation makes ordinary travel feel brand new.

The hotel boasts a new, state-of-the-art lobby that has been redefined to provide great flexibility and choices for guests. The design is stylish and contemporary, with creative lighting, new artwork, new carpeting, and new furniture. There are distinct spaces where guests can work, relax and connect with free WiFi. And while SpringHill Suites Arcadia has always offered a free, hot breakfast, the newly enhanced breakfast offering serves an even greater variety of high quality items and healthy alternatives, in an expanded breakfast area with a new 46 inch HDTV.

To help guests maintain their routine while on the road, the sparkling outdoor pool has been resurfaced and features new furniture. The on-site fitness center has been expanded and offers the latest cardio machines. For guests who would rather retreat to their room, the hotel?s renovation extends beyond the public spaces to include stylish updates to guest suites that have been redesigned with subtle touches and new luxurious bedding. For those travelers requiring a room with two queen sized beds, a second flat screen television has been added for convenience.

To schedule a tour of the recently renovated SpringHill Suites Arcadia hotel, contact the Sales Department at 626-821-5400. For reservations, visit the hotel online at

Visit some of California?s best attractions while staying at the Springhill Suites by Marriott Arcadia hotel. The hotel?s central location provides easy access to Pasadena, Rose Bowl, Santa Anita Race Park, Disneyland

Toon Boom Releases Universal Version of Animation Software for Mac

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) March 23, 2006

Emmy-award winning Toon Boom Animation Inc. today announced the release of Toon Boom Studio V3 for Intel-based Macs. Toon Boom Studio includes a rich animation toolset that works with QuickTime and Final Cut Pro and is a complete solution for developing high quality animations on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.

“Toon Boom is totally committed to the Mac community and, given the ease of creating Universal applications, this is the first in a series of Toon Boom products optimized for Intel-based Macs,? said Joan Vogelesang, President and Chief Executive Officer at Toon Boom. ?In test comparisons between a PowerPC G5 and Intel Core Duo iMac the new Universal version of Toon Boom Studio ran up to 2.5 times faster so we?re excited to see what will be created with the latest Toon Boom Studio.”

?The blazing speed of our Intel-based Macs provides a significant performance boost to all Universal applications running natively,? says Ron Okamoto, Apple?s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. ?We?re thrilled that Toon Boom Animation is creating powerful Universal versions of their award-winning animation products.”

The Toon Boom Studio V3 Universal Binary release is ready to ship now and can be purchased at All current Toon Boom Studio V3 customers are entitled to download this latest version at no charge. A Universal version of Toon Boom Studio Express V3 is slated to be available April 2006.

About Toon Boom Animation

Toon Boom Animation is the worldwide leader in animation software solutions. Recipient of the Primetime Emmy