NewsWatch Recently Featured ?Dogalize? on National Television

(PRWEB) August 13, 2014

“Dogalize? was featured on NewsWatch as part of its monthly AppWatch, which takes a look at the latest and coolest apps on the iOS, Android, and Windows markets. Andrew Tropeano, a host of NewsWatch and a mobile technology expert, conducted the app review and shared with viewers how it?s a new social media network that?s dedicated to dogs and their owners.

For the millions of people who own a dog and treat them like a member of the family, NewsWatch AppWatch highlighted a new social media network that?s completely dedicated to canines. It?s called Dogalize, and it lets users connect with friends and family members that are also interested in dogs.

Users can create profiles of their dogs filled with information, photos, and videos. There?s also resources for finding dog-friendly places like restaurants, playgrounds, hotels, vets, and pet stores. Because the app has a geolocator, users can find the ones closest to them on a map.

Dogalize also has communication functions, like text messaging, audio and video calls, and a news feed for posting and reading other people?s dog-centric thoughts. In case of an emergency, users can call or video call a veterinarian immediately.

Dogalize also works with non-profits and pet adoption agencies. There?s a section to pick dogs for adoptions. There is also a News section where users can read about pet care, dog training and find vet information.

It?s a great app for people interested in chatting about their dog and seeing how others take care of theirs. To download it for free on an iOS or Android device, head to the appstore today and search ?Dogalize? or visit

About NewsWatch

NewsWatch is a weekly 30-minute consumer oriented television show that airs on the History Channel, FYI Network, and ION Network. NewsWatch regularly features top technology products and services, mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, unique and beautiful travel destinations around the world, health and medical tips, and entertainment interviews on the show. NewsWatch airs on the History Channel at 6:00 ? 6:30 AM ET/PT and on the FYI Network from 7:00 ? 7:30 AM ET.

NewsWatch is located in the greater Washington, DC area and has been on air for over 25 years. For more information or to watch the most recent episode, visit

Rain Design Announces mStand

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 9, 2007

Rain Design Inc., creator of designer accessories for Apple products, announced today the release of mStand, the newest addition to its line of innovative laptop stands. mStand raises laptops for better ergonomics with a design that flirts with Apple?s desktop computers.


Made of a single sturdy piece of aluminum, mStand transforms laptops into stunning desktop counterparts of the Apple iMac and Apple Cinema Display with its elegant curves and silver-anodized finish. The single piece design solidly holds a laptop while the aluminum panel acts as a heat sink to keep the laptop cool. A cable hole in the back of the stand routes wires to reduce clutter.


Long-term use of a laptop as the main computing device can strain the body as the user hunches down to see the screen and type. mStand raises the screen 5.9 inches (150 mm) to meet the user?s eye level, thus promoting better posture, while its tilt design brings the screen closer for easier viewing. With an external keyboard and mouse, mStand creates an ideal ergonomic desktop setup for laptop users.


Rain Design?s mStand accommodates all Apple laptops and other laptops with depths less than 10.4 inches (265 mm).

Pricing and Availability

Rain Design?s mStand Laptop Stand (#10032) is now available at and computer retailers for a suggested retail price of US$ 49.90.

About Rain Design

Rain Design, headquartered in San Francisco, California, was founded in 2002 with the vision of creating cool and comfortable products. For more information on Rain Design?s line of products, please visit

Press Contact

Yvonne Chow


mStand is a trademark of Rain Design, Inc. Apple, iMac, Apple Cinema Display, are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

# # #

Find More Imac Press Releases Scores Webcast Success With Live Video Stream of Hit Musical Tour ?Under the Sun?

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 11, 2014 has announced another round of highly successful results from the recently launched entertainment-streaming platform. The live HD broadcast of the ?Under the Sun? summer concert on July 29th produced high metrics on views, shares, and eCommerce conversions. The exclusive live video featured Grammy-winning and Billboard topping bands, Sugar Ray, Blues Traveler, Uncle Kracker and Smash Mouth with backstage interviews and ?shout outs? from fans both at the event and online.

The global broadcast was viewed in 61 countries and 39 different languages. Leading up to the event and during the entire 3-hour show, fans tweeted, shared, reposted video on their own social media pages and shopped branded apparel and purchased limited autographed items from the concert tour ? all inside the video. Viewers shared the video with others using text, email and 61% through social media. Featured merchandise sold consistently throughout the webcast with a conversion rate for ?views to transactions? of 2.5% and an average sale of $ 37.60 per transaction. Measuring ?take actions?* inside the video, ratios averaged 9.7%. The event once again proved the unique power of Cinsay?s multi-patented video commerce technology.

?This was an amazing event,? said Chip Quigley, Chairman of Kingdom Entertainment, producer for the Under the Sun tour. ?The SuretoneLive broadcast, was a smashing hit with fans online, this is the perfect way to add value to any live concert or festival. We will be working with SureToneLive?s team for many more upcoming concerts this year and next,? he added.

?The webcast had some early technical issues as many of these live events initially do, but the results were just as powerful as our last live show with the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band,? said Jordan Schur, previously president of Geffen Records and founder of Suretone Entertainment. ?This continues to build on the business model of and prove out the formula that we?re creating the next evolution of online music entertainment, seamlessly bundled with social sharing and eCommerce,? shared Carl Stubner, CEO of Suretone Entertainment.

Viewers also accessed the show from various platforms with 43.9% coming from desktops, 45.13% from smartphones and 10.9% from tablets. The merchandise was also streaming out the door as each viewer represented over $ .70 of revenue in merchandise and apparel. On Cinsay?s Facebook fan page alone, one post promoting the event had reached over 200,000 people with the bulk of those views comprised of 18 to 24 year olds.

?We are very pleased to see the successful results from this event. This marks Cinsay?s third big live show and we are seeing a pattern unfold for how our multi-patented technology will be an integral part of live music in any venue – anywhere in the world,? said Christian Briggs, founder and CEO of Cinsay. ?As music fans flock to sites like Pandora, Spotify, and Apple?s Beats, there is still an increasing demand from artists on how to monetize their music and from fans as they demand more immersive and unique online experiences,? Briggs added.

During the live concert, fans tweeted in questions to the bands and shared the live video via links, and on their own Facebook feeds and tumblr pages. The shared video also carried along the merchandise and links enabling others to have the ability to instantly purchase select branded merchandise ? all inside the video and without having to ?link out? or leave the virtual concert experience.

?What a blast! This is a great way to reach fans who didn?t have the concert series come through their city or if they just wanted to experience the show all over again,? said Mark McGrath, lead singer for Sugar Ray.

?There?s simply not a better way to pack more audience into a sold-out venue than doing a live webcast like this,? added Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth. And the tweets supported that idea as fans tweeted posts like, ?I could only afford one show on the #UTS2014 tour but that?s okay because it?s streaming live!!!?

?What an excellent way for artists to entertain fans and sell merchandise! SuretoneLive is awesome,? said John Popper of Blues Traveler. ?This definitely takes streaming quality entertainment for fans and selling merchandise and memorabilia to the next level,? shared Uncle Kracker. ?We?re excited to be part of this new music revolution with SuretoneLive!?

Earlier this year, Cinsay and Suretone Entertainment announced the formation of and the response from the partnership has been overwhelming and continues to be extremely positive from artists, fans and advertisers within the music industry., powered by Cinsay, with merchandise provided by Cinsay On Demand, will be announcing additional upcoming live events as more artists join the premiere broadcast network. Music fans will be able to choose from various live performances hosted in famous venues across North America as well as share the music with friends and family via Facebook, twitter, Tumblr and on other social media sites. Each event will also showcase exclusive merchandise from those participating artists including some one of a kind collectibles, which will be available only on and

?Take Action? is a key metric of the multipatented Cinsay Video Smart Store? platform that measures the actions taken inside the player when the viewer interacts with the video.

About Cinsay, Inc.

Austin-based Cinsay has created a next-generation e-commerce, viewer interactive, video-based platform for any size business. Cinsay’s technology enables anyone to sell products, display printable coupons, capture donations, and generate leads all inside its patented Smart Store? technology. Along with being the premiere video commerce provider for small and medium businesses, Cinsay is adding new exclusive content channels for sports, music and movies.

Forbes named Cinsay one of “America’s Most Promising Companies” while eTail Conferences named Cinsay a “Rising Star” in innovation for 2012 and Red Herring awarded the company with the Top 100 Companies in North America for 2014. Cinsay’s eCommerce video-based platform can be used for any individual or business. For more information, please visit or call 855-725-2462.

One or more of the following patents may protect Cinsay’s software, systems, and/or services. See U.S. Patent Nos. 8,312,486, 8,533,753 and 8,549,555 for interactive Internet-based video applications.

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IPTV to Custom Match Advertisers With TV Views Based on Subscribers’ Behavior Tracking

Cardiff By The Sea, CA (PRWEB) April 12, 2007

Apple and Microsoft have been in a battle for the “living-room” for years now. Microsoft took the XBOX approach and Apple took the iMac and iPod angle. But their strategy is now visible since both companies along with Google using UTube and several others Goliaths are integrating IPTV into the nextgen products consumers already know and love.

Consumers are rapidly being seduced by the promise of interactive TV called IPTV. Traditional Television offers viewers only one choice — that of which TV channel to watch. Internet Protocol TV or IPTV allows On-Demand Viewing of not only international programming but of the advertisement content as well. So viewers will have complete control over what they watch and advertisers will have the benefit of precisely targeted Google Adsense / Adwords style marketing.

Robert Kim of observed, “Since broadband internet service is fast becoming a staple household expense along with the gas and electric bill, advertisers and TV watchers are going to be able to communicate with each other interactively over iptv.”

When asked to elaborate, he explained, “If a viewer can enter his demographic details and personal shopping, cultural, religious, and political preferences, then the IPTV companies like AppleTV and Microsoft IPTV can precisely match up advertisers’ products to each viewer. Then, since everything is online, if a viewer wants to purchase an advertised product, all he has to do is click ‘BUY’ on his remote and the IPTV provider will be able to track buying behavior to further refine their targeted advertising. A Harvard Professor once told me that if you want to sell a Bible, go to someone who has already purchased more than one.”

While advertising customization is a huge opportunity for the service provider and advertiser alike, product placement is just as big. Consumers with average income will see James Bond wearing Seiko and Movado watches while the highest income TV viewers will see Citizen and Rolex on 007′s wrist. TV watchers who have shown a preference for Asian cuisine might see Toni Soprano’s headquarters behind a Sushi sign instead of an Italian Deli.

New product and features announcements from IPTV service providers like Apple, Google and Microsoft are growing rapidly. Eager videophiles can find these announcements at Internet TV Service Providers and Hardware Manufacturers are also listing their newest public releases at All industry members and consumers are welcome to review, comment and vote on their favorite news items at the websites above.

All of these rapidly growing changes are putting tremendous pressure on the current TV delivery media. Satellite Internet ( reference: ) TV providers and traditional Cable TV providers are threatened by this rapid transition from static TV to interactive TV technology. Cable TV providers having read the handwriting on the wall for over a decade are bundling faster and faster broadband to their subscribers in hopes of keeping the last mile guarded. Satellite DSS Providers are now looking at WIMAX ( ) because household satellite hardware is not powerful enough for uplink data transmissions, current DSS systems are only able to receive content not transmit into space. So a land based wimax bridge is needed to supplement existing orbital systems. To compare all the current internet access provider choices, see: and it’s matrix.

Robert Kim is an Wireless Internet Service Advisor and Technology Futurist. He has consulted with three letter government agencies including military, homeland security, and financial groups. His private sector consulting has reached into fortune 100 companies across all industries. He can be reached at 310 862 4250.


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Special Apparel Keeps a User Warm Outdoors in Cold Weather (BTM-2018)

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) August 08, 2014

An inventor from Temple Hills, Md., wants to offer people more comfort during outdoor activities in the winter months. He was jogging in cold weather and thought that it would be more comfortable if he were able to make himself warmer at will.

The A.C.T.S. is special apparel that maintains a user?s warmth when spending time or working outdoors in cold weather. It prevents discomfort, as well as promotes enjoyment or productivity. Easy to use and producible in design variations, it’s ideal for athletes, construction workers, snowboarders, skiers, hunters, etc.

The original design was submitted to the Baltimore office of InventHelp. It is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers. For more information, write Dept. 13-BTM-2018, InventHelp, 217 Ninth Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, or call (412) 288-1300 ext. 1368. Learn more about InventHelp’s Invention Submission Services at –

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New No-Cost App ?Hit the Spot!? from Sebastian Huehn is Simple, Challenging & Fun Way to Train Visual Reflexes, Aiming Skills & Hand/Eye Coordination

Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) July 22, 2014

People of all ages who want to train their visual reflexes, aiming skills and hand/eye coordination — while they enjoy hours and hours of classic gaming fun — can now head to the App Store and download Sebastian Huehn?s outstanding new app Hit the Spot!

Designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Hit the Spot!?s gameplay is simple to understand: users must hit a green dot on their screen before it disappears. Yet what makes this seemingly trouble-free task challenging, fun and sophisticated is that they must avoid hitting an array of same and multi-colored objects ? such as stars, squares and triangles — that randomly appear and disappear. They must also avoid tapping empty space, which is easier said than done.

If they get distracted and fail to hit the green dot in time, the game is up and they must start over. However, if they?re successful in their mission, then they move on to an even more challenging phase that further puts their visual reflexes, aiming skills and hand/eye coordination to the test.

Other Hit the Spot! special features include:

Cool, retro-style graphics
Game elements inspired by classics like Whac-a-Mole and arcade shooter
High Score and Hit counters
A handy pause button

A Big Anniversary for PoemsToGo

Providence, Rhode Island (PRWEB) August 07, 2014

PoemsToGo, the world leader in writing original poems, speeches, and toasts (all of them based on input received from each customer), announced a significant milestone on August 3: They wrote their 500th anniversary poem.

PoemsToGo (PTG) was established in 2001 by Amy Miller, the company?s president. ?We serve all kinds of customers worldwide,? Miller said, ?and for every kind of occasion,? she added. That includes retirements, birthdays, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations, condolences, friendship and much more.

It?s fitting that the 500th anniversary poem was written for an Australian couple who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Fitting because PoemsToGo is indeed a worldwide service, providing creative, heartwarming, funny, and utterly unforgettable verse or prose for customers in over 38 nations across the globe.

It?s fitting in another way, too. As Miller points out, ?our very first order ever was a 50th anniversary poem — for a couple in Miami.?

Wedding anniversary poems for parents and 50th anniversary poems for grandparents are perennially popular items at PTG. Of course, they?re not just in business to write up golden anniversaries. ?We do a lot of 1st year anniversary poems,? too, said Miller. ?We?ve done just about every anniversary for our customers,? she said, including a 75th wedding anniversary verse commissioned by the loving couple?s great grandchildren!

No matter what kind of poem, speech or toast PoemsToGo customers order (including ?special orders? which PTG is happy to entertain upon request), Miller guarantees everyone surprisingly affordable prices, an easy ordering process, quick, responsive service, and a truly unforgettable end result.

?We aim to please in every way,? says Miller, acknowledging that ?our 500th wedding anniversary poem is a real accomplishment.? But the company, she says, is only just beginning to fulfill a promise to serve people across the globe. ?We?re planning on doing a lot more Mum and Dad anniversary poems, as well as ones for grandma and grandpa, your favorite friends, your kids or anybody,” she added. ?It?s my goal,? said Miller, ?to be writing our 1000th wedding anniversary verses ? and work anniversary messages ? in the next couple of years.?

For more information on PoemsToGo, including real examples of original poems, speeches, and toasts that PTG has created for customers worldwide, please visit

Contact Amy Miller, President


amy (at) poemstogo (dot)tv


Related Tv Press Releases Adds the Powerhouse 8-Core Mac Pro to its Extensive MacIntosh Rental Inventory

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 10, 2007

Catering to the high-performance needs of its customers, ( has added the powerful 8-Core Mac Pro workstation to its inventory of desktop rental equipment. Fueled by two Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Clovertown” processors running at 3.0GHz, the 8-Core Mac Pro performs up to two times faster than the Power Mac G5 Quad. Add advanced workstation graphics and unparalleled expansion and the 8-Core Mac Pro is a dream machine, in particular for movie industry visual effects companies who rely on to meet the ever-increasing power needs of their render farms.

The 8-Core Mac Pro’s 64-bit Intel Xeon processors deliver breakthrough performance and power efficiency for the most advanced creative and scientific applications. Each processor’s enhanced SSE3 vector engine allows it to transform large sets of data with speed. Among the additional selling points that make the 8-Core Mac Pro an ideal choice for the most demanding computer rental customers nationwide:

FPT introduces trademarked Citus

(PRWEB) August 06, 2014

FPT Corporation (VNINDEX: FPT) announces the launching of the company?s unique toolset- ?Citus Rents the Latest Generation of Xserve for Customers Who Require Serious Power

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 25, 2007

For its customers that demand top performance and massive storage capacity in a rackmount server, ( now rents the latest generation of Xserve. Apple’s industry-leading, high-density 1U server is a must for visual effects companies who require increasingly sophisticated processing solutions for their render farms, as well as motion graphics, animation and digital content projects. These companies rely on to deliver Xserve rental solutions.

In its fifth generation, an Xserve rental offers five times the performance power of its predecessor, the Xserve G5, thanks to its two Dual Core 64-bit Intel “Woodcrest” Xeon processors. In addition to an enormous storage capability of up to 2.25TB, an Xserve rental provides true flexibility, adapting to any network environment. And at just 1-3/4 inches thick, its streamlined profile makes it possible to accommodate numerous nodes in a 42U rack, minimizing floor space needs.

Xserve easily meets the needs of the most demanding computer rental customers nationwide, with an impressive array of features that include: